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Wanda Briscoe

Advocate | Counselor | Minister
Global Speaker | Multiple best-selling Author


There is one word to describe Wanda Briscoe, and it is:  RESILENCE!


Wanda is a 12-year breast cancer Warrior, Evangelist, multiple best-selling author, global speaker, entrepreneur, gun violence advocate, certified forgiveness coach and certified grief and loss counselor.  She uses her life experiences to inspire people.  She has authored 5 books/journals individually and been a part of 5 anthologies.  She has appeared on multiple radio, tv broadcasts, and hosted her own tv show (Wanda's Warriors Show), educating the audience on prevention of breast cancer, gun violence awareness, the power of forgiveness, and grief and loss. She is transparent around her own struggles in battling tragedies in her life, and the audience relates to her compassion, authenticity, and her conquering spirit that God has instilled in her. 

Wanda is excited about her partnership with NC Ministries, INC, which is a Christian based 501 (c)(3) organization that serves all women in various programs.  For more information on this organization, please visit their website at:

“In the same way I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born," says the Lord."

— Isaiah 66:9 (NCV)

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